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You can have a lot of fun when you have unfettered access to your HOA coffers and can spend it as you please - booze, golf prizes, Empty Nester and all-night poker parties galore! Plus, there were so many ATM withdrawals and checks cashed without documentation a five figure1099 was issued, which was illegal but, who cares?

It’s even better when the board members you appointed (Brandi Koch and Herb Sayre) and all others ignore audit reports, look the other way at every turn and ultimately give you a pass.

Who says crime does not pay?

Kolaches, donuts

or both…BOTH!
‘Our group’ has

special needs.

I can’t feel my spine!

What else can I steal?

Angela Patterson, Dustin Kennedy, Danny “The Perp” Carr and Brandi Koch (out of frame)

Fiduciary duty? What is that?

How can I repay Danny for appointing me?




Paid Camacho’s assault fines then asked the HOA residents to reimburse her then brought him back on the property to help her get elected and quietly resume his nefarious duties.

Porter who savagely abused the HOA debit card at Carr’s direction. Quit after being charged with forcing an unwanted kiss on a young girl in the clubhouse.

Lied about Camacho’s departure clearing the way for Patterson and his return. Aided & abetted Carr’s theft and leads whistle blower retaliation efforts.

Three of many bottom feeders from the local